019: Chad Leto: Cinematography from Film to San Francisco MiniSeries to Star Wars Parodies

This week I talk to my friend Chad Leto, He’s a cinematographer working for G-Ram films and has worked on documentaries, music videos, and commercials. He’s also been the cinematographer with so many projects including an award winning feature film called Parallax. Chad also filmed a hilarious and totally wacky web series called “Don’t call it Frisco” about a Boston transplant who moves to San Francisco and has to adjust to the liberal and totally crazy culture of the city. Chad will also tell the crazy disastrous story of his trip to Burning Man this year.

If you liked this interview, I think you'll enjoy my interview with writer, actor, and director, Marica Petry.

I talk to Marica Petrey who is a writer, actor, and director as well as Founder and one of the Artistic Directors of Radix Troupe which is an experimental theater troupe based out of Berkeley, California. She is also a freelance journalist and videographer with California Magazine. She is cellist and member of Mad Noise, a bluesy funk, soul, punk band that has traveled to Africa through the State Department’s American Music Abroad Program. 

You may also like my interview with actor and director, Alex Vlahov.

Alex Vlahov talks about his work with the New York Neo-futurists and their collection of 30 plays performed in an hour called Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. We also talk about experimental theater in general and some of the plays that Alex has written and directed that have interesting approaches to topics that cover a range of social issues and humanity’s dilemmas. Finally, we discuss Alex’s latest play which is still untitled. The play is about Father Eric, a priest from our high school who was murdered in 2013.








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