024: Albrey Brown: How a Bay Area Developer Fights for Minority Representation & Diversity in Tech

This week I talk to Albrey Brown, who is a programmer and community leader here in the Bay Area. He is currently working as an Enrollment and Diversity specialist at Hack Reactor which is a coding bootcamp based out of San Francisco. Albrey was a student at Hack Reactor and was brought on to the team after he graduated. After noticing the lack of diversity in the Hack Reactor family, he pitched an idea to the founders and founded his own branch of the school called Telegraph Academy that focuses on finding students from underreprestend minorities. Albrey was also recently invited to speak at the White House at the first ever Demo Day about his experience and his belief that industries, especially tech, need to be more diverse. We’ll also touch on his newest project, Progressive Patriotism.

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This episode, I talk with Elizia Artis about what it means to build a community around education. She works in Flint, Michigan for the Crim Fitness Foundation and works with the school and communities there to solve problems effecting the students and parents. Elizia was an AmeriCorps volunteer and now manages other AmeriCorps volunteers in Flint so she’ll give some information about civil service and what some of those responsibilities look like. Lastly, Elizia explores some of her thoughts about issues effecting people of color and the Black Lives Matter movement

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