025: Maximilian Uriarte: How the Creator of Terminal Lance Brings the Marine Experience to Life

This week I talk to Maximilian Uriarte, Veteran Marine and Creator of the widely popular webcomic, Terminal Lance. He did two tours of duty in Iraq and during his second tour took on the role of Marine Corps Artist and Photographer, giving him the opportunity to fly all over and document the Marine Experience in Iraq. Last year he released his first graphic novel, the White Donkey which was on the New York Times Bestseller list and received rave reviews for its honest depiction of the life and struggles of a Veteran Marine.

If you liked this interview, I think you'll enjoy my interview with illustrator, Lily Williams.

I talk to Lily Williams about her short film FINconceivable, an award winning informational short about the importance of sharks to our ecosystem. We talk about her upcoming illustrated children’s book called If Sharks Disappear which will be published next year through Roaring Brook Press. Finally, we discuss her newly released web comic that she co-created with Karen Schneemann, called The Mean Magenta. The Mean Magenta seeks to destigmatize periods by providing entertaining comics as well as health resources.


You may also like my interview with violinist, Gabi Holzworth.

I talk to Gabi Holzwarth, referred to by many as the Violin Girl of Silicon Valley. She is a talented violinist with perfect pitch and has performed at many events around the Bay Area and the world. She quit her job in sales and started playing the violin in the street full time. It was there that many tech executives discovered her and she began playing at private parties and events. Gabi also discusses her ongoing struggle with eating disorders and has some advice for people entering into recovery.







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