026: Marica Petrey: How a Director Engages a Unique Team of Artists to Create Experimental Theater

This week I talk to Marica Petrey who is a writer, actor, and director as well as Founder and one of the Artistic Directors of Radix Troupe which is an experimental theater troupe based out of Berkeley, California. She is a freelance journalist and videographer with California Magazine. She is cellist and member of Mad Noise, a bluesy funk, soul, punk band that has traveled to Africa through the State Department’s American Music Abroad Program. She is a dancer and a singer and just recently started another band called Girl Swallows Nightingale. We first talk about Zoey and the Wind-Up Boy and how Radix Troupe creates projects together. Then we talk about the sound and art direction of Zoey and the Wind Up Boy. Finally we’ll talk about how Marica got into performing arts and an opportunity she recently had to shadow acclaimed director, Amma Asante.

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Mogli Maureal a musician, sound designer, and photographer, talks about his band, Mad Noise. He talks about their roots as street performers, their musical style, and their recent trip to West Africa with the US Department of State Program called American Music Abroad. We’ll also talk about his work with Radix, an experimental theater troupe. He does all of their music and sound design for their innovative theater and live performance works. Finally, we talk about his photography and his aspirations.


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I talk to Eliza Lutz who recently started her own record label in Santa Fe, New Mexico called Matron Records. She is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player who has been preforming and touring since high school. Her business savvy and finance prowess have allowed her to be a mentor to many bands. She’s incredibly passionate about helping bands understand money so that they can fund their art. 







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