027: Mara Kubrin: How a Speech Language Pathologist Helps Children Communicate and Elderly Heal

This week I talk to Mara Kubrin, a Speech Language Pathologist based in San Francisco. She is currently working at a rehabilitation center with elderly people, helping them recover speech and language skills as well as teaching them how to swallow. Mara has done so much work with people and knows a ton about different types of therapy including ABA therapy for kids with autism who she worked with before she went to school for her masters in speech language pathology. We also take a moment to discuss Mara’s concerns with repealing the Affordable Care Act. Finally we’ll talk about an app that Mara worked on with Smile Train, to help children around the world born with cleft palates learn to speak properly.

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This episode, I talk with Elizia Artis about what it means to build a community around education. She works in Flint, Michigan for the Crim Fitness Foundation and works with the school and communities there to solve problems effecting the students and parents. Elizia was an AmeriCorps volunteer and now manages other AmeriCorps volunteers in Flint so she’ll give some information about civil service and what some of those responsibilities look like. Lastly, Elizia explores some of her thoughts about issues effecting people of color and the Black Lives Matter movement



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I talk to Karen Chiang, a former Peace Corps volunteer who was stationed for over two years in a small town in Senegal. Karen was a economics and international business major at UCLA and used her skills to help the community implement a business model that made their plastic waste into something profitable and sustainable. She talks about the culture, the people, and her overall experience as a Peace Corps volunteer







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