Transcription: 023: Blimes Brixton: How A Rapper Is Taking Control of Her Music and Breaking Down Stereotypes.

This week, I talk with Blimes Brixton, rapper, singer, and songwriter born and raised in San Francisco and currently living in Los Angeles. Blimes took her career in a new direction this year, changing her name to Blimes Brixton and is bringing the world new rad music. She also Started a new label called Peach House Records which is home to works from Gavlyn, Olivia Braga, and Lou Koo. The label is a collaborative project for female artists and they’ve been steadily releasing singles this last year. We talk about Blimes new direction and her experience running her label thus far. We also get into her music videos and creative process. Finally, we discuss Blimes Brixton’s image and how she’s fighting to break the stereotypes.




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